Our Services

One-time and Monthly consulting services

One- time projects:

  • Business concept creation/renewal
  • Strategic development planning
  • Business-plan preparation

Monthly services:

  • Monitoring & reporting of strategic development plan performance
  • Monitoring & reporting of business-plan performance

One-time projects:

  • Marketing research
  • Brand-consulting
  • Sales & marketing planning
  • Product development
  • Digital marketing planning
  • Public Relations (PR) planning

Monthly services:

  • Monitoring & reporting of sales & marketing plan performance
  • Products profitability analysis & reporting
  • Digital marketing management & reporting
  • Public Relations (PR) management & reporting

One-time projects:

  • Design/redesign of organizational structure
  • Code of corporate governance, employment contracts, job descriptions preparation/renewal
  • Creation/renewal codes of structural units of organization
  • Staff motivation system creation and its implementation management
  • Recruitment of staff for organizations

One-time projects:

  • Design/redesign of business processes
  • Operational procedures implementation/renewal
  • Management Information System (MIS) software selection & implementation process management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system software selection & Implementation process management

One-time projects:

  • Financial & operational diagnostic of business
  • Financial & operational planning
  • Investment/project feasibility study
  • Tax legislation compliance review
  • Tax litigation processing

Monthly services:

  • Managerial reporting of financial & operational plan performance
  • Financial & tax accounting/reporting
  • Tax Consulting
  • Internet-bank operations processing

One-time projects:

  • Due Diligence
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), splits, reorganizations  
  • Export/import deals processing
  • Legal service in business, labor, international trade and related law

Monthly service:

  • Legal service in business, labor, international trade and related law

One-time project:

  • Management of arrangements on investment, borrowings and/or grants. Processing of negotiations and preparation/submission of documents to investors, commercial banks, local or international banking & financial institutions and funds

Monthly Services:

  • Monitoring and reporting on feasibility spending of investments, borrowings and grants
  • Wealth & Portfolio Management

Comprehensive Management Services

Full Management Of Business Strategic Development

Full Management Of Sales & Marketing

Full Projects & Operations Management

Full Management Of Finance, Accounting, Taxes and Legal Issues

Full Management Of Human Resources

Turnaround & Crisis Management


Corporate finance and risk management of production, trade, construction and service sector companies

International Standards of Financial Reporting and Accounting (IFRS / IAS) production, trade, construction and service Sector Companies

Financial and risk management in banking, financial  & insurance sector companies

Sales, PR & Marketing Communication

Practical Course of Tax Code of Georgia

International Standards of Financial Reporting and Accounting (IFRS / IAS) For Banking, Financial and Insurance Sector Companies

MS Excel for Accountants, Financiers and bankers

Organization and Human Resources management

Business strategic development and Strategic management